Best Android Text Editor App for Programming in 2021

What do you mean by android text editor for programming?

Best Android Text Editor App: If you are a programmer, then you understand the importance of text editors that can be used for programming. Generally, programmers do the programming on their laptops or computers, but if they are traveling and some emergency came up related to the project, they might get in trouble.

In this case, programmers might have to do the temporary work on their android devices, so they have to install a text editor for programming. If you are wondering about the best android text editor for programming in 2021, I have mentioned some editors below.

Best Android Text Editor for Programming in 2021

If you are wondering about the best android text editor for programming in 2021. Then here, I have mentioned some editors below that will help you.

1. QuickEdit Text Editor – Writer & Code Editor:

Best Android Text Editor
  • QuickEdit Text Editor is a text editor that is being optimized so that you can use it on Android mobiles and tablets. You can even use this editor as the normal text editor.
  • If you are a programmer, then you can use this application as a code editor for your programming files. QuickEdit Text Editor Application includes a notepad that has some great updates.
  • This code editor will highlight the syntax of the languages like C++, C#, Java, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, and many more. It will even show you the number line numbers, and you can easily change the multiple tabs of this editor.
  • You can easily access GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can even use this code editor in the dark theme.

2. Acode – powerful code editor:

Best Android Text Editor
  • Acode is one of the most compact editors and yet manages to impress us with its powerful capability. You can easily edit the code in this editor, and it supports the languages like HTML, Python, Java, CSS, and JavaScript that you can edit.
  • You can even run the programs that you have written in HTML and JavaScript. Acode editor supports GitHub, so you can easily open files from GitHub.
  • You should use this editor, and the main reason behind this is that you can use it for free and even without any ads. In this application, you can even open more than one file at the same time.

3. Dcoder, Compiler IDE:

Best Android Text Editor
  • Dcoder, Compiler IDE is an application that is being used to do the Code & Programming on mobile at ease. This application is a free platform where you can easily test your projects and codes.
  • It makes coding quite easy because you can use frameworks like React js, Angular js, Flutter, Ruby. You can even use the programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Swift.
  • In this code editor, you will be able to see that the syntax of the code will be highlighted so that it can be easier to focus.
  • You can even enable a feature like Autocomplete Parenthesis, and you will even get the custom suggestion view as per your code.

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