Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2021


Why do you need to use Best Chrome Extensions? As you already know, Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers in our daily lives. Many users are using Google Chrome because it provides you with a well-designed and fast browser that is easy to use.

Many people use Google Chrome as their default browser because it provides many extensions that make our daily work more effortless than ever. These extensions will surely give you a unique experience that you have ever felt till now. If you are wondering about the best Google Chrome Extensions in 2021, I have mentioned some extensions below.

Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2021

If you are wondering about the best Google Chrome Extensions in 2021, I have mentioned some extensions below that will help you.

1. Adblock Plus – Free ad Blocker

  • Adblock Plus is a Google Chrome Extension that will help you block YouTube ads, Pop-up ads, and even several malware that can seriously damage your computer.
  • Adblock Plus is one of the most famous Chrome extensions that many users are using. Users will be able to get an ad-free experience while they are browsing in this browser.
  • Adblock Plus extension will provide you with some mind-blowing features like block all the video ads and banners you find irritating while browsing any web page.
  • This extension will block all pop-up ads that can irritate you if you are browsing something significant. Adblock Plus extension will even help you if you want to keep your privacy, then it has a stop tracking feature that will stop your privacy from being compromised.
  • Once you start using this extension, you will see that your web page is loading much faster than earlier, and that is because the ads that take more time to load are being blocked.

2. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

  • If you want to capture the image of something from the Chrome browser, then you should add an awesome screenshot & screen recorder extension in your Chrome browser and your work will be much easier.
  • You can easily record the video of your desktop or the tab that you have opened in the Chrome browser. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder provides you with the facility to record the videos with a quality of 4K.
  • You can even save the screenshot of the page and crop it as per your requirement, highlight some parts, or even blur some functions of that screenshot.
  • Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder can be a handy extension if you use it properly.

3. Tab Wrangler

  • If you have the habit of opening too many tabs in your Chrome browser, then this Tab Wrangler extension can be perfect for you. This extension will close the tabs that weren’t extended after the designated time.
  • If you have some favourite website and don’t want it to be closed, you can add some exceptions. Tab wrangler even saves the closed tabs, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to open them again.
  • This extension can be handy in your chrome browser, and it also doesn’t close the pages you have pinned.

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