How To Find Out Who Called Me


Don’t you know how to find out who called me or you? If you don’t know then this article is for you. If your phone is ringing from an unknown number and you have no idea whose number it is, then maybe you won’t pick up the phone. But what if that number is from someone important whose number isn’t saved on your address book.

So that’s why you need to find out about the person that called you. Here is the article about how to find out who contacted me and some ways to do it.

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How to find out who called me?

Many applications are available in the market that shows accurate results, but you can only believe it when you see it working. Here are some methods mentioned, and I hope at least any one way can help you.

1. Search the number on Social Media:

  • You can learn about the person who is calling by just searching the number on different social media platforms.
  • Facebook provides the facility of number lookup. All you need to do is type the number in the search bar of Facebook and click on the search button.
Find Out Who Called Me | Facebook
  • Facebook will search if that number is associated with any Facebook profile. If it is, then it will show the Facebook profile that has the same number associated with it.
  • Facebook will even show your posts if that number is shared in anyone’s post.

2. Search on the Google:

  • Google can be proved as a reliable source to find any information. Sometimes if you type the phone number in the google search bar and click on search, then Google will show you the owner of that phone number.
Find Out Who Called Me | Google
  • There is no guarantee that this result is accurate. There is also a possibility that you may get no results when you try to search for the owner by phone number.

3. Search the number on Spam call websites:

  • Another way to see who is calling you is to search the number on the spam call websites. When people receive calls from scammers, they sometimes report these scam numbers on these websites to face the same problem.
  • If you had received a call from any number and that number has been reported on these websites, you will be able to do this on the spam call websites.
  • There are few spam call websites in the market like Should I Answer, EveryCaller, and Mr. Number. You can use websites like these, but there is a possibility that you won’t get an accurate result.

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4. Use the TrueCaller app:

  • You can download the Truecaller app that is available for Android and iOS devices. This app provides the facilities like caller-identification, call-blocking, and call-recording.
  • Once this application is installed on your device, you can see the name of the person who is calling you if that number is being stored in their database.
Find Out Who Called Me | Truecaller App
  • If the number isn’t stored in your address book, it will display the person’s name on the screen when you get the call. Sometimes this app also doesn’t show accurate results. 

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