How to Fix GTA 4 Infinite Loading Screen for PC

I think a year ago when I installed the GTA 4 game on PC. When I was facing a problem, “infinite loading screen GTA 4”. I was disappointed with this issue. I don’t know if this error is coming. When I was looking for solutions on google and youtube, I found many answers. But even among them I was disappointed. And then I found a solution from which I solved this error. And that one is working for me. I hope this solution works for you.

Make sure I tested this solution on Windows 10. I have not tested on other operating systems. But you can also try for other operating systems.

Now here we fix GTA 4 Infinite Loading screen issue step by step:

  1. Go to GTA 4 main folder.
  2. Now find the launchgtaiv file and create a shortcut for this file.
  3. Right-click on the shortcut launchgtaiv file and got ot properties
  4. Go to the target section/box after the last, put space. 
  5. And then typescript -no restriction -availablevidmem 512 -percentvidmem100%
  6. now click on apply button then ok
  7. Now start up your game as ‘run as administrator.’
  8. Restart your pc
  9. Now start your game, it should work for you.

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I had followed these steps, and my game was working fine and then it never showed an “infinite loading screen GTA 4” Error. I hope your problem is also solved with these steps. If not just comment below. We will try to solve your issue. Thank you.

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