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How To Fix Origin Error Code 9.0


Are you looking to fix origin error code 9.0? When you install or update the online game store Origin, some errors may occur. Here are a few methods to help you fix origin error code 9.0 in Windows 10. 

What Is Origin

One of the most popular online game stores, Origin, allows you to buy, download and manage games online. But some errors may occur when you use the Origin application.

For example, the error code is 9.0. The error usually occurs when you install or update the origin App, which prevents you from using the latest version or prevents using the original.

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How To Fix

Once you suffer from this error, you can try the following ways to fix the and continue to install or update the App.

  • Disable third-party antivirus.
  • Clear the Origin Application data cache.
  • The third trick is to uninstall and reinstall Origin Client.

You will learn these tips one by one in this post. Please keep reading and do not forget to share. 

1. Disable Your Third-Party Antivirus Temporarily To Fix Origin Error Code 9.0

The origin code can be 9.0 if your antivirus stops the Origin App from installing or updating the client from installing on the system.

You can temporarily disable your antivirus software by right-clicking the antivirus icon in the system and try to fix the origin error code 9.0. Additionally, if necessary, disable the firewall.

Then rerun the installer and check if it works or not. 

2. Clear The Application Data Cache To Fix Origin Error Code 9.0

Too many cache files can also cause the error code. Try the below steps to remove it.

  • The first step is to open the Run window with Win + R.
  • The second step is to Type %Programdata%/Origin and click OK to open the Origin folder.
origin error code 9.0
  • The third step is to delete all files except the folder LocalContent.

Tip: Folder LocalContent preserves the game data, so do not delete it.

  • The fourth step is to type %Appdata% in Run to open the Appdata folder.
  • The fifth step is that In the folder AppData, remove the Origin folder. Then open the local folder and delete the Origin folder.

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3. Uninstall & Reinstall Origin Client to fix Origin Error Code 9.0

  • The first step is to go In the Windows search tool, type Control Panel and click on the Control Panel Icon.
origin error code 9.0
  • The second step is to click uninstall the program under Programs.
origin error code 9.0
  • The third step is to right-click the Origin and choose Uninstall.
  • Go to the official website Of Origin App and reinstall Origin.

Tip: Game data will not delete when you uninstall the Origin application.

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