How to Pair Bluetooth Blackweb Headphones & Earbuds

Pair Blackweb Headphones & Earbuds popular gadgets and Blackweb headphones and earbuds are famous for the fantastic sound quality and good bass. The process to Bluetooth blackweb gadgets & quite easy. The latest versions of the Blackweb headphones are also waterproof.

If you don’t know how to Connect Bluetooth Blackweb Headphones & Earbuds then read this article. 

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1. Turn On Pairing on your Blackweb Earbuds(Pair Blackweb Headphones & Earbuds)

Earbuds and headphones of blackweb typically have the same button for switch On or Off and Bluetooth pairing settings. In both gadgets If you press and hold the button for one or two seconds, the headphones will switch on and you will see a blinking blue light. Long hold the button for three or four seconds and you will see the light flash between red and blue color lights this indicates the headphones or earbuds are now in pairing mode.

2. Find Your Blackweb Headphones On Your Android Device or Laptop 

Android. In android, just go to settings and turn on Bluetooth. In Bluetooth click on the option of show Pair new device. After searching when you see your Blackweb headphones name show in the list, tap them and they connecting and should be paired with your phone.

Desktop. In the Desktop, Open Bluetooth & go to the System Settings.

  • First In windows-10 go to the left side windows icon button and through the mouse cursor click the start button and show in the list of the setting option.
  • After clicking on the Settings button it will open another window. You need to click on the Devices option that shows Bluetooth, printer, etc.
  • You need to click on the option of Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • Make sure your Desktop Bluetooth is On then after searching it will show your Blackweb headphone or earbuds device name. Go for the Pairing Blackweb Headphones & Earbuds you click the pair option and confirmed that and your Bluetooth device is shown connected.
  • I hope you have no doubts about how to pair Blackweb headphones & earbuds.

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