How To Animate Your Old Photos For Free

Why do you need to Animate your Old Photos?

As a new generation, we have upgraded cameras, but there wasn’t a good quality of the cameras in the past, so photos were black and white, and older people still value those photos since they have captured their life’s best moments.

So as the new generation we can provide something that will make them smile, and that is you can Animate Your Old Photos so it will be like giving a new life to those Photos. You can use the application named MyHeritage. You are wondering how to Animate your Old Photos for free, I have mentioned the way below and details about the application.

How to Animate Your Old Photos for Free?

I have mentioned an application below that will help you, and I have also described the application.


  • MyHeritage application is also known as the application use for Family Tree, DNA & ancestry-search. Aapplication that has been helping us to explore our family history.
  • This application will provide you some meaningful details related to your past, present, future, and this technology works on DNA tests. But the last call is up to you if you want to believe everything this application says or not.
  • This application is also known for enhancing old photos and adding colors to old images precisely. Recently MyHeritage application has introduced a new feature of Deep Nostalgia.
  • This Deep Nostalgia feature will bring your old photos into real life; you will be able to see them moving. In short, this Deep Nostalgia feature will help you to animate your senior pictures for free.
  • This Animate Your Old Photos of application is available on platforms like Android and iOS. So to You have to install the MyHeritage application on your phone.
  • After you have installed this app, you have to click on it. As you will click on it, you will be ask to Sign Up in the application. In that, you will have to enter the details like your name, email, and password.
Sign Up Animate Your Old Photos
  • Once you have logged into the MyHeritage application, you have to decide the photo you want to animate. After deciding on the image, you upload it.
  • Once you have uploaded the photo, you have to click on the picture, and then you will be able to see the option of Animation at the top. You will have to click on the option of Animation.
Upload Photo form gallery
  • As you will click on the Animation of the process, it will take two to three minutes, so you have to wait. Once the Animation has been completed, you will be able to see the option of download, and by just clicking on it, you can easily download it.
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  • As the Animation has been downloaded on your mobile, you can watch it and relive it at that moment.

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