How to manually install Directx for GTA 5

Do you know?? How to manually install DirectX on pc for GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V)? Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you. Many people face this issue when they install a GTA 5 game on pc. Here we explained all the details step by step. So you will easily install DirectX software on your pc and solve your problem.

Before solving this issue, you need to know Why does this error occur?

When people try to install GTA 5 games on PC, they fail and they get an error “Unable to initialise DirectX 9 device”. 

This error can occur for the following reasons:

  • Unsupported graphics card or drivers
  • Unknown or conflicting apps
  • Directx file missing
  • Temporary (if you restart your computer, it will be solved)
  • DirectX is outdated or corrupted
  • Direct3D Acceleration is disabled.

Before installing DirectX, first you need to check these reasons after installing Direct x Manually.

Install Directx on PC

If you get this error “Unable to initialise DirectX 9 device”. I think your graphic card driver is corrupted or outdated. So you need to reinstall or update the DirectX driver on pc. 

If you are updating DirectX drivers, there are two ways to update drivers: Automatically and Manually. 

Automatically Update:

There are many ways to update the DirectX driver automatically. But here we explain only one way. It’s accurate and easy to use.

Step 1): Go to Microsoft’s DirectX End-User Runtimes download site and download the latest Microsoft’s DirectX installer.

Download DirectX Driver

Step 2) Now follow the onscreen instructions and install the driver on your pc. 

Step 3) If you have any missing files on the DirectX driver. It will be replaced by this update.

Step 4) Now restart your PC and check it. I hope your game will start. 

If your problem is not solved with automatic update, Follow the installation process step by step.

Manually Install DirectX on PC

Follow our Manual installation process and you will easily install a DirectX driver on pc.

Step 1) Download the exact DiverX driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Check these Websites:

Step 2) Now go to the Control Panel >> Device manager >> Display adapter >> right click on existing driver >> Select uninstall device.

Step 3) Install the new driver, Which you recently downloaded

Step 4) Now restart your pc and try to run your game again. 

If your problem is solved then share our blog with others. Who doesn’t know how to install DirectX Manually. Or if you are still facing the same issue, you need to verify your game in steam or clean and reinstall your game. 

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