How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac: 6 Methods Explained

Why do you need to recover the Deleted Files on Mac?

If you accidentally delete the files on Mac and realize that those files were important, it will cost you a lot if you can’t get those files back. So that’s when you need to recover the deleted files on Mac, and here are some methods to do it.

6 Methods to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

1. Recover the Files Via Time Machine Backup:

  • Time Machine is free software that is a backup tool that comes installed on your Mac. First, you need to connect the storage device to your Mac that contains the Time Machine backup. Now open the window showing the folder in which those deleted files were. Open the Time Machine and select the option of “Enter Time Machine”.
Recover Deleted Files on Mac
  • Now you will see the items that you deleted, select the items that you want to recover, and press the “Restore” button. Now your deleted files have been restored.

2. Recover the Files through the Trash:

  • Open up the Trash Can from the desktop of your Mac. Now you will see all the deleted files. Now select the file that you want to recover, right-click on it. And choose the “Put Back” option. Now your deleted file has been restored.
Recover Deleted Files on Mac

3. Recover the Deleted Files through Undo command:

  • If you accidentally deleted some file and need to get back, you can recover it by pressing the Command and Z key. This combination is used for undo. If you delete the file and immediately press this combination, then your deleted files can be recovered.

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4. Recover the Deleted Files through the Terminal:

  • First, open up the Terminal in your Mac, then type “cd .Trash” and press the “Return” button. And you will be in the Trash folder.
  • Now type “mv” and press the “Return” button, and your deleted file will be restored. In, it is the full name of the file and the extension of the file.

5. Contact the Professionals:

  • Sometimes when your storage device is damaged, and you can’t recover the deleted files. So at that time, it is best to go with someone professional and make sure everything will be repaired. And that is done without any type of data loss.

6. Recover the Deleted Files with the help of Third-Party Tools:

  • If you don’t want to use any methods from the above, you can install a third-party tool that will help you recover the files.
  • But before installing any software, make sure that they are virus-free and they will not damage your Mac in any manner.

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