Top 7 Screen Recorders Software For Pc in 2021

In the first paragraph, I will tell you the top 7 Screen Recorders Software For Pc that will make your work easy. Let’s start and tips and tricks regarding screen recorder. 

Firstly Why do you want to record your computer screen?

People who are using a computer on daily basis then maybe one day you have to record your pc screen.

If you are making a video for your YouTube channel then you must know how to do screen recording.

If you want to send the small clip to your friend on WhatsApp or any social media app then you must know how to record your screen. There are so many video recorders on the internet but I will share only my experience. 

Screen Recorder Software
Screen Recorder For Pc

List Of Screen Recorders Software For Pc in 2021

  1. OBS Studio
  • OBS was being released on 1 September 2012 8 years ago. There are many versions of OBS on Microsoft and they are free to use. 
  1. Ace Thinker
  • Ace Thinker is one of the most leading screen recorders in the market. It is free software to record your pc screen. After you launch this software you can use this without any limit and watermark.
  1. ScreenFlow
  • ScreenFlow was being released in February 2008 13 years ago. This application can record video and audio both after that you can edit your video.
  1. Screencastify
  • This Software is one of the extensions for the screen recorder. You can add screencastify to ur google extension. You can record browser, mobile, and webcam from this software.
  1. Bandicam
  • BandiCam is also one of the free software for screen recording. From this software, you can record gameplay and then you can upload it to your youtube channel. 
  1. Filmora Scrn
  • Filmora Scrn software is also free to use and also you will not get any watermark on recorded video if you buy premium. You can record audio also and after that, you can edit your video. You can take screenshots from Filmora scrn recorder. 
  1. ShareX
  • So our last and final software is ShareX. This software is very latest and you can download it very easily because this software is available in small size. On this screen recorder, you can record and edit your video as you want. 

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