Top 3 Mobile Apps of India

What do you mean by Mobile Apps?

Top 3 Mobile Apps of India most use mobile Apps can be describe as apps design in a way so that they can run on Mobile. These applications are usually consider small software that has specific functions, and these apps manage to provide some quality experience that you get while using those applications. You can see mobile apps that can be a game, web browser, or social networking app.

There are different types of mobile apps that you can see, like Gaming apps, productivity apps, lifestyle apps, educational apps, e-commerce apps, and utility apps. You can download and install the apps for your Mobile from Google Play Store or App Store. While downloading the mobile apps, you will see that some apps are free to download while some are pay the charges. So, it is up to you if you want to use paid apps or not. Here I have mentioned the top 3 mobile apps of India.

Top 3 Mobile Apps of India

Here I have mentioned India’s top 3 mobile apps, and I hope that you find those apps helpful.

1. WhatsApp Messenger:

  • WhatsApp Messenger is the communication that Facebook is owning. You can use WhatsApp for free without any Fees. You use WhatsApp Messenger to share photos, videos, documents, and even voice messages.
  • WhatsApp Messenger can be use to the text messages to your contacts. You can even see the feature of Group chat to add your close connections and chat with all of them simultaneously.
  • WhatsApp Messenger also provides a calling facility, and this calling can be a simple Voice call or Video call. You can use this feature for free only data charges will apply.

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2. Google Chrome:

  • Google Chrome is the communication that Google is owning. This is a fast and secure browser; you can add your favourite websites as quick links, and you can see that Google Translate is a Built-in feature.
  • Google Chrome is a fast browser, and it also saves mobile data. This browser is design in a way so that it can show your favourite content. You can even download and view the pages offline mode.
  • These has safe browsing features so that your Mobile is safe, and the safe browsing feature will keep your Mobile secured from viruses.

3. Google Pay:

  • Google Pay is a finance app that is an easy and safe way to manage money. You can easily send and receive the cash by using this application.
  • This application is being used to pay the money, and that is also contact less. If you are not carrying your wallet, then you can quickly pay by using this application.
  • You can pay using just scanning the QR code of the person to whom you want to spend the money. Google Pay can be used to pay for food, to pay for the ride, or you can even use it to pay for online shopping.
  • You can even win the cashback as per the transactions and payments you make.

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